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Looking for a system allowing your colleagues to order lunch easily, fast and in a secure way?
Your colleagues have to fight with the old-fashioned fax machine or they have to spend valuable time trying to call the sandwich bar, unable to pick up the phone as they are processing orders of customers in the shop
They waste time queuing and queuing
Their lunch break doesn’t motivate them due to lack of different lunches
They are continuously changing cash.. with all the risks for the lunch manager
The current system doesn’t allow them another payment option, while less people carry cash money these days
Or even worse, spending the day without lunch because of the lack of a personal reminder
These problems are very annoying, that’s why we created
from the office
from a meeting
or even on their way to work offers a great way to order & pay your lunch
getting rid of lunch problems
And start enjoying a whole range of healthy food by different suppliers
dependent on the number of users
Offer a payment system that is most convenient for your colleagues
Late orders no more, because we’ll send you a personal reminder at the time chosen by yourself
Decide if you would like to have your lunch delivered..
or as take-away at the supplier
The only difficult question that you might have to do is:
what do you feel like for lunch today? Bon appétit!